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Group Rules for members of the BBW Forum
— by johnmartin1097 johnmartin1097
Group Rules for members of the BBW Forum

1) As the name states, this forum is for BBWs. Please don’t post anything about women who are not BBW, SSBBW, fat or obese. The lowest weight acceptable is 300 pounds. (21 stone)

2) We like our members to be involved in the forum, so please feel free to post anything you wish at any time. Please post your items in the appropriate parts of the furum.

3) We like to keep this a “PG” rated forum, so sexual items and too much nudity will not be accepted.

4) As this is a no smoking forum, please don’t post anything showing people smoking.

5) Please try to be civilised and polite to everyone. Rudeness and bad language won’t get you anywhere and will probably get you banned from the forum if it continues for too long.

6) If you have any complaints or suggestions about the forum, please post a message in the "Complaints and Suggestions" section in a civil and polite manner so your query can be dealt with accordingly.

7) If ever you want anything removed from the forum, you should send a message asking the people concerned in a civil and polite manner. Also remember THAT IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU MAKE IT VERY CLEAR EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT REMOVED. ITEMS CANNOT BE REMOVED IF YOU DON’T STATE WHAT THEY ARE.
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